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RockCandy – The Horseman – DVD

RockCandy The Horseman DVDDownload RockCandy – The Horseman – DVD  Direct link.

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“Married man Joe Loughlin (Logan Vaughn) is struggling with a secret desire for other men in Rock Candy Films’ The Horseman. After having a passionate tryst with a fellow lawyer at his firm, Joe’s wife Terri (Samantha Ryan) becomes suspicious of her absentee husband, and issues an ultimatum. She wants to move out of the city, leave their respective high-pressure jobs, and start a new life at a ranch in the country. Joe agrees, hoping for less sexual temptation in this new environment.

Unfortunately, he hadn’t considered that gorgeous ranch hand Jake (Tommy Defendi) would be more sexually tempting than any man Joe has ever seen. From their initial handshake, Joe can’t deny the electricity he feels with his new employee. When he spies on Jake and a young stud (Duncan Black) having sex in the stables one day, the closeted Joe is consumed by overwhelming lust — and his marriage once again starts to unravel. The conflicted husband falls in lust with the swaggering horseman, and only Jake can save him from a life of deceit.

The Horseman is a powerful, emotionally rich narrative about coming to terms with one’s true sexual orientation. Filmed on location at a gorgeous horse ranch outside of Los Angeles, every character comes to life through a masterly depiction of denial, conflict, lust and seduction. Continuing in the spirit of Rock Candy’s debut His Mother’s Lover, The Horseman features realistic male-to-male sex. Deep kisses, passionate embraces, and intense lovemaking is captured in every unforgettable scene. There are no dissolves, no jump cuts, no bad music, and no uncomfortable positions. Just real passion, real sex and explosive orgasms you’ll want to watch again and again.”


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